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Monday, February 18, 2008

lost before I'm found

Tangling loose on the edge of reason
Madness unfolds before me as exciting
I can conceive it
I can almost reach out and let it save me

I am near yet far from the notion of insanity

I can navigate away from reason but I can always find my way back
that is not a fair trade Or a fair way to be
Stuck in between two worlds
Coming together more and more into the notion of normality

I need to find of new state of transcendence
Madness is overrated
And everyone can reach it now days

I need to loose myself so that someone else can find me
And present me in a totally new perspective
But what if that someone reaches the same boring conclusions as me
As I did
How can I reach that different, more exotic shore of me?
Have to keep on sailing...

Now ... if I could only remember where I left that compass ...



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