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Thursday, April 20, 2006

meaning of blogs

A like a jurnal the shape of a blob...something very small and quite you're daily reality check...or perhaps meaningless bable..Nevertheless it's a form of expression that seems to be catching on quite quickly all around. And why not a blog?...rather than a curse word or a bad expression? an anger-filled comment or even a fistfight? Let it all out here!!!...Xpress urself! Quickly and full of sense or's not like U have to read my blog...but it is there! It confirms my existance and that you can't deny it!Allthough not great, not is an exsitance I can talk about! Denying my blog would be like denying me...or what I did yesterday or what I felt the day before...I am not in your face...I am just there!!!Like it or not!
This day and age frustration and repressed feelings are such common phenomenons that people feel more and more the need to communicate, to speak their mind...and most of have someone listen to them , really hear them out! This is just another way to do that- non-violent, not excessive, not outrageous, not too striking...not too long...just a log...a blog...a tiny concentrated drop of life...of someone's life...perhaps of your own! Writing means reflecting on different aspects of life...writing means thinking, following a pattern, wondering about a meaningful subject...the fact that it's published for anyone to see...means...responsability...the fact that someone takes the time to read it means personal interest! Sure, no one that fights lions in a safari, struggles with stck market bids every day or climb the vertical slopes of the Rocky Mountains for a living, will ever have time to write a blog. But for those of us who see each ordinary day as a samll possible adventure in its's good to have a chance to share our experiences. And who knows maybe soon there will be a blog entry about a man fighting lions...Becaose bearing your soul is quite exciting...what could be more risky then a personal blog read by thousands of anonymous bloggers hungry for attention and new experiences !?!



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