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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Punk is an attitude

I don't know much about PUNK, but I get this tingly, exciting feeling whenever I think of their image and the way they spite all covention and normality. I get a kick out of a middle age housewife staring at a punk (pierced and dressed in shredded black clothes). She looks at him with dismay and if she takes pity on the poor parents that raised and have to put up with that dude.
Ever since I started hanging around with a half-punk, half crazy chick, I started to really look into this punk phenomen. I discovered the way you look is only part of it! Punk is mostly an attitude - rude and unpolished for most...just plain uncoventional for me!
To me punk is saying all though I live in this fucked up society I'm not gonna take the crap shove up my alley sometimes!!!
Bored shop assisant giving me no attention as I ask her for help - PUNK!!! Wish I could punch some of their lights out sometimes...instead I just keep smiling and being polite, and asking for more and more information till I bore and annoy the crap out of her.
Snobby, white trash shop assitant looking down at me as I enter "her " expensive shop - PUNK!!! I keep going through clothes and items, amaking a mess of things, giving her something to do after I'm done since I'm obviously too poor to buy anything from there !!!;)
People all grim and gloomy walking to work in the morning, staring at my happy, smiley face as if I have something coming out of my nose - PUNK. I'm listeng to the Killers on my player and looking up at the sky, in this fucking a great mood, eventhough it's morning, I'm heading for work too and my life is NOT perfect!
feel free to add anything you want to this list...
PUNK...being yourself, different from everybody that just wants to be the same! Being who you are eventhough it's not hip, in fashion, with the trend, with the times, en vogue...Top of the morning to ye all...punk bloggers and beyond! Have a great "be yourself" kindda day:)!!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

let's talk in english and look that way so smarts and so cool for others. uitam ca suntem de fapt decat niste descooltzi ai societatii, complexati din nastere, frustati pe viata, si incercam prin acest jurnal de kkt sa ne autodepasim. suntem ceea suntem. suntem de kkt. nu uita asta

Sep 29, 2006, 12:21:00 PM  
Blogger albeenah said...

Iar ai inceput? Welcome back anonimule cu coaie si idei mari si grandioase despre tine si despre altii..chair crezi k stii atatea despre altii? Speak for data asta...sid e fiecare data cand imi blogul meu si scriu ce vreau in el...Hai pa...mai varsa-ti frustraile si-n alta parte!!!

Sep 29, 2006, 12:32:00 PM  

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