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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

me talkling to my innerself or Tuesday morning rambiling

- hello, think today's gonna get better?
- even if it was getting there, you wouldn't know could you?
- I resent that! I know a good thing when it happens!
-...maybe happens!

- moving on...
- how is it possible that you could feel so lonely in a building full of a 100 people?...all your seems
- you're really on my case today!!!
- I'm just trying to figure you out!
- Well...good luck in there...out here people have had no luck so far!

- So how about that huge dinner last night?!!!
- Yeah...that was something...good thing your stomach problems are controlling your head nowadays...otherwise you would have really pigged out!!!
- I wonder if I'm ever gonna be able to eat like I used to again...Enjoy life though food sometimes at least!
- Can't answer that'd have to ask someone a lil' more positive than me...someone like your boyfriend

- If you had a chance to escape...just go anywhere right now...where would you go?
- Home?
- That's so my inner self sooo limited?
-I guess I just thought of the place where I would prolly feel the most comfortable right now
- Tropical island still looks good...
-Yeah but I would need to have to get rid of something to get there...or is a trip to the beauty salon included in that offer ;)

- Gotta go now...have to start talking to other people
- If I didn't know you better..I'd start getting jealous
- :)


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