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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

rain conciliation

Softly cushioned against the softness of your heart
The raindrops fall like pieces of juicy grapes...

I watch them at ease with a certain fascination
Rainy days are such a lamentation...

Rainy days are such a consolation.

Time to re conciliate with yourself
Time to re- create and come to terms with...
all the pages of thoughts and books on the shelves

Rain forces you to come inside...

And take a look at the weather of your soul
Don't be afraid...

The house is flat and wide-windowed. The wind is blowing the wind bells on the porch into a mild, gentle jingle. Bosfor is still playing with his toy horse while Miti is crawling up next to me on the couch. I am reading Chineese folktales and following a brave hero across misty mountains toward a temple of serenity. Outside..the sea is just a few minutes away...not stormy, but a bit troubled. It's good to be inside on weather like this. But in my wide-windowed house, with all the curtains pushed aside...I am inside a safe heaven and inside the heart of the storm as well. For once heart is still...and the dark clouds are only pondering on the outside heart - light.
Storm can come...under my skin...the skies are clear !



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