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Thursday, October 23, 2008

the last drop...

It was quite chilly outside. She lit a cigarette and sunk her head and neck deeper into her coat. The alley was dark and silent. At times, steam rose up from the manholes, interrupting the sheer darkness of the alley.
Her lighter wasn't working usual. But the third time she struck it, the flame poked it's head up quickly only to be blown away by a quick gush of wind. She did her best not to let any of this get to her. She kept looking at her watch impaciently and sinking her head deeper into her scarf and coat. She was looking insistently at a backdoor of what seemed to be a diner of some sort.

She was waiting for Mark. He owed her 500 bucks. She'd just confront him, have him give her the money and then end this whole relationship they were supposedly having. Today had been a horrible day. ..

She woke up after a hard night out, only to find the hot water in the building had been shut off. She was filthy, but couldn't take a shower. She looked for some breakfast, but Mark had finished all the cereals and left the dirty bowl of milk right on the table. She just fed her cat and dressed to get out of the house as soon as possible. Soon as she was in the bus she realised she left her wallet at home..but it was too late to go back for it. The way to work was long and she knew it would be better if she had a ticket, but of course she didn't...and of course the arogant ticket agent cought on and gave her a hard time.

"You'll need to get off at the next bus stop! Here's your fine!"

No amount of pleading or explaining was able to move the guy. He handed her the fine then walked away. She got off the bus and threw the fine into the nearest trash can..."Here...Whoever finds this ...can pay it...thus change the crime rate in this Goddamn city!!!"

She was late for work...the boss had a fit...he made her work overtime for the floowing 2 days. The collegue that had it in for her, got a promotion that same day and walked by her desk smirking and grinning. It was already around lunch time when she called up Mark and asked him if she could come over to the diner and have some lunch with him. He said he was busy, as the place was packed with customers....It didn't seem like that when she passed by for her business meeting downtown. The place was empty and Mark was nowhere to be found. She called him on the phone, he said he was still swamped and couldn't talk.

In the evening, as she was heading back from her business meeting, it started to rain and she had no umbrella. Even if she wanted to buy one from a shop nearby (if she had the money), the shopkeeper shut the door in front of her...saying they had just closed.

It was 7 p.m. now and she was waiting for Mark at the back door of his diner, in that dark, creepy alley!...She had enough! She wanted her money back and then she never wanted to hear from him again!The cheating bastard!!!

"Hey sweetie...wacha doing in this dark alley at night?" she heard a voice she hoped would be Mark's. Instead, from the shadows, emerged a tall, skinny guy dressed in rags. She wouldn't have payed much attention to him except for the sharp light the blade of his opened pocked knife threw into her eyes.

"So...what the hell do you want?" she started yelling. This was just the kind of thing needed to set her off..."Want my fucking purse ? Here...All yours!!! " she said emptying her purse on the pavement...just some lipstick and a bag of snacks came out!

"Want something to eat? Here"..she said smashing the bag of snacks on the guys head! "Help yourself!!! " The pieces of snacks burst out of the bag, as the breadcrumbs got wet and stuck to the guys hair and face.

"Want a piece of me!" She said...taking off her coat and slamming it in his face! "I'm all yours honey! Wet and bothered!!!"

The guy took a step back, a bit frightened by the show he was witnessing!

"Wait...where are you going? We're not finished! You haven't fucked me in the rain...Everyone else has today...except my boyfriend...who never seems to be around...esspecially when I need him!"

"Forget it...lady! You're nuts!!!"

"Nuts huh? Wanna see haven't got a clue! "She said as she started screaming as hard as she could. All the anger of the day so far had broken out into that one single scream. The guy disappeared before she had a chance to close her mouth...

"I am not nuts... I just had some fun last night and now I am paying throught the nose!" she sighed.

"I'm not nuts! I'm just a perfect product of this FREAKING CITY!!!" she gave out one last yell.

The alley was now quiet. The rain might have stopped, she didn't know...she could no longer hear anything. She was tired and all this was senseless. She picked up her clothes and purse and started walking home...slowly, her own pace...while the cars and people were rushing by her in haste to take cover from the rain.


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