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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hung(a)ry for the love revolution?

WEll...he's only human...I guess...If he hadn't made the most common mistake stars make when they perform here, he would have been a lil more forgiveable. But it wasn't even a question of Budapest-Bucharest that sound was straight-plain foward 'nem tu dom'...or however it's I said he's human...he's an artist...I guess, at some certain level...he's allowed.

The show...was much more than we bargained for though!!! It was tremendous!!! He showed so much passion for music in all its bluesy, funkish, mow town, up beat, rock-dead ways...and his band was screaming talent form one or two instruments each.

I sat the closest I have ever sat to a singer in such a big concert, partly due to the fact that the lawn in front of the stage was not as full as I expected...

He is a complete artist...and I think his passion for music is what saved him after the big blopper at the biginning of the show. I liked the fact that he didn't play ALL his most commercial hits, I like the long beats towards the end of some songs (even though I'm usually not a fan of a song that drags on....this was more like an instrumental cascade...).
I liked this concert...full of life and energy...A bit soapy about all the love and revolutionary, hippy stuff...but he's forgiven again as he doesn't really know the skeptical, self-centered crowd he's dealing with here in "Hungary". All and all...good show Lenny!!! Glad I went to see ya :D

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