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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

can't you see that it's just raining...

...there's no need to go outside...

But we were outside and... despite the rain...everybody had a good time! All until Jack got unplugged because of the thunderstorm (I think I heard them say lighting struck just behind the stage).
I got to see ze Germans in concert when good ol' Jack took center stage on Oylmpia Reitanlage in Munich on the 11th of July. It was great too see such a mass of different colored, varied aged people...all chillin' ...with their little blankets, lying down on the grass, waiting for their beautifully-tanned, heart-warming musician to appear.
Ze germans have a system that lets the first arrivals sit up front near the stage...there is a second row for later arrivals and the all the mass, late-late bloomers can just sit together wherever.
The clouds were mounting up and as Jack began to sing the first tiny drops fell. The first half hour was pretty dry but fromthen on it started pouring harder and harder. I always thought that rain was not such a good idea at a concert, but it turned out to be envigorating and exciting. I kept bringing people even closer around the stage.
Ever swam in swimming pool while summer rain was pouring outside? This was a similar feeling only much more musical... as if every little raindrop carried a musical note and a vibrating high sensation that spread in waves from the center to back.And JJ was riding the waves ;)

Jack was superb... in great shape and in a partying mood. His voice sounded twice as good live. I loved "Never Know" in particular, then "Sitting, waiting..."and "Banana Pancakes" that he strategically started to sing just as the rain became a lil' discouraging. Of course "Upside Down" was a riot and "Good people", but I just loved those other two more that night. After the first hour Jack warned us that he might have to stop for a while and soom after the authorities came and interrupted him just for 10 min...or so they said. We had to go as my feet were soaked... German summer nights are much colder than in Romania and I still want to look forward to having children some day but Jack had already cast his magic upon me...that tranquility and happy vibe we all love him for was there...and I took it home with me with no regrets for the abrupt interruption. I don't know what followed... but I was already exhuberant so it doesn't much matter. Thanks made our day!

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