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Thursday, October 30, 2008

seeing you through

At the frontier of the skin
No dogs patrol
At the frontier of the skin
Where I end and you begin
And lose my soul

Salman Rushdie

...I try to look beneath your skin
I lift it up to see within
I try to think that every wrinkle
Was dug by something that made you tinkle
That made you shiver from inside

It's like you use your skin to cover up and hide
from me...

Face to face is never close enough
And discovering what you're made of is tough
Tougher and tougher day by day
With every blink you give away
A thought inside you is locked up tighter
I wish I was made up more ...
like a fighter
To drill until I reach the essence
that which we dance around is the quitessence
Till then I reconcile with just the simple view of you
And every wrinkle that makes me tinkle
And every layer of skin
That hides you from within!



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