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Monday, November 02, 2009

hallow shallow inn

I am not a big fan of adopted holidays especially in a country such as ours that has so many beautiful cultural traditions and legacies. Halloween however seems to have been taken to heart here...and there is absolutely no stopping it... eventhough we have the same kindda rituals for caroling around Xmas and New Years and not only then. I don't know what it is about Halloween...yes it is a fun holiday but we have lots of other fun holidays...all you need is to remember them and renact them truthfully. It's easier though to just copy the Americans. Maybe it's the irresistable temptation to put on a mask and a costume...most of us do it every day anyway so here's a holiday that makes it totally ok. A chance foe everyone to get out and play...we have halloween parties, halloween themed nights...halloween drawing and exercises in kindergarden probably...who knows what else...It's crazy and it's crazy how well adapted we are to this holiday...I am even hearing Romanians talk about Thanksgiving I suppose nothing is that crazy anymore :D
In another trail of thought...I actually celebrated halloween legitimately in The USA and YES it was who am I to ban people's fun?!? ;)
Here's some more fun from my line of work. A Romanian ad for beer for didn't think the Halloween mania would skip advertising in Romania did ya ?!?


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