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Monday, September 21, 2009

Love keeps us young

I've been neglecting you and I am sorry. I don't owe anything in particular to the rest of the world, but to you my semi-transparent, ever-so-tired, ever-so-considerate and patient half-conscience I owe at least a blog post once in a while to check in. I don't know where to start telling you about me, the lately-me. I've been watching things disintegrate around me for a few weeks now. My job, my grandmother even something that I thought I could never measure in years or experience. I was soo confused and dazed off, soo determined one day and so disillusioned the next, with a tightly strapped on seat-belt, on a high-speed roller coaster, I wouldn't even have known when or how to describe what I was feeling. I still don't! And as much as I try to turn this into a professional advertising blog, filled with clever observations about the new, ingenious campaigns in town or out of town...mostly out of... I still have to take some personal time from time to time to get down to so social issues or maybe just personal issues percieved as a social trend. So what I've observed during my somewhat personal, professional and global crisis (for once they coincinde!) could be summed up as follows:
- When the rope tightens around your neck your friends turn into jackals timing your death so they can quickly take your place. In more precise terms...everybody's got a different idea of what this economic crisis is. Some of us have been doing so well and living with our heads so up in the clouds that we think cutting down the Xmas bonous or not getting those extre few weeks of vacation is the crime and punishment of this global disaster. This while others loose thier jobs completely or are held up until the late hours of every working day with the same shitty pay just because their boss has carefully studies the rules of manipulation and exploitation. None of the above is my case nor do I wish it to be. In any case this crash is really bringing a crushing, ruthless and rather rude nature out of people, a side of them you kindda knew was there, but never really wished to see.
- Marriage does change things. I never thought I'd admit it but it DOES. Luckily if love is there, things will quickly change for the better no matter what road they take at first. Love and a bit of understanding ;)
- Our bodies are mere shells...we treat them like tin cans for the first part of our lives pumping them with energy, sports and optimism, only to treat them like porcelain in the ladder part, pumping them with beauty creams and youth formulas, only to treat them like crap in the end pumping them with pills, negativity and blaming them for all our passed, present and future cracks. And in the last part of our lives our bodies are really the only things keeping us down to earth. I have seen so much old age at such a young time that I don't even fear it anymore...I just simply want to skip it, from the first really serious sign that my body's breaking down.'s getting harder and harder to draw a conclusion in here! let's just say this is part one. The Guvernor says the crisis might diminish by next year...what can I tell you...I want mine to be disappear completely...cose I wanna enjoy my time here 'till time breaks my body down.

It is only when you love someone that your heart can keep is because you're using it...exactly for what it was created. Love does not grow old or tired and everything about love is still crispy and fresh. If you know how to treasure and nurture it right after years and years on you can still enjoy a cucumber, while all the others are feasting away on sour pickles!


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