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Friday, June 16, 2006

Into THE ZONE again

Know how when you're lying down, on a side, the skin around your waist forms an elegant, smooth curve as gravity pulls it down. This might sound weird ...but I love that part of the body! Unfortunately, on my body, I don't get to feel it very often. Maybe I've gotten too fat, or maybe I just can't get the lying down part right...but I seldom feel it...and when I do...I get stupid and happy.I hope it's not a fettish...anywayz...there I admit it...that's one great part of the body...that I love!
I went out last night! Wasn't anything planned...that's why I had real fun! I set out to be happy...of course 2 shots of tequilla, 2 red orange screwdrivers and a Salitos DID help...but I was determined to have fun regardless of bad, stinking music, unexpected unpleasant human encounters ;P...rain, meltdown...or a next ICE Age!
And I did...
Had good company...good became bearable...old clubs that I hadn't been in for ages became instantly familiar...everything was I usually am not! My head was still spinning when we left the last club, had a cigarette and a spicy conversation with a friend then hopped in a cab and waited for the city to turn into that spinning, silver disco ball that it becomes everytime I'm drunk. Got home, knocked over some things, threw them all over my room and landed in the middle of my huge bed looking into the black, dark, deep ceiling...Something was missing...deep inside I was still dancing, having fun, spinning...but I needed the music...put my player on and fell asleep to the comforting music of some radio station...they could have fed me lots of subliminal crap during those 3-4 hours till mornin...but was all good music..I slept like a baby
...And in the morning I woke up lying on a side with the skin around my waist pulled down by gravity
...Um in THE ZONE again baby!!!!
All u need is a good attitude, a nice place where u feel comfortable and a bit of unplanned fun...a tequilla can't hurt either...;)
So go on...find YOUR's, song, film, second, smile, bodypart, blogspot,'s there just waiting for you to acknowledge it :D


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