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Thursday, February 01, 2007

ecological guerilla advertising

Thank God for AdHunt ...made my day ...with this fresh exemple of both guerilla and social-environmental advertising...
The idea is so simple...(simple is, after all, the source of most genious in advertising)...yet so effective...Effective in the sense that it shows "effects" not just plain messages.
Now the question is...effective for whom? The people passing by ...or the driver itself. The first two pictures show the idea not so well thought out as only a very observant passer-by could get the point. The drivermight find it impossible to understand. He would have to be inside his car, starting his engine for the baloon to blow up and become visable...and then for it to pop...
As it pops the driver would probably freak out and come out to discover the leftover of a baloon and be even more confused, thinking it was just a bad joke.

The following 3 pictures show the same campaign done right this time! The message is left standing for the driver to see along with the after-effects! Very nice!
Two thumbs up!

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