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Hopefull pessimist...and I am sure the world has not seen enough of me...just as I have definitely not seen enough of it! ;)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

the Christmas negative

Iata un cantecel pe care-l ador si care contrazice total principiile sarbatorilor cand trebuie sa fim mai buni si blanzi si generosi. Este un fel de ASA NU...Dar ca sa stii CUM SA DA...trebuie uneori sa asculti si sa vezi si exemplele negative...
Asadar, ascultati atent dar nu incercati asa ceva acasa...sau pe la casele altora ;)

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Life is an occasion...Rise up to it !

Every year...around Christmas... I like to open up my heart to the possibility of magic.

For us humble bearers of adult bodies decorated with mature mentalities, "the magic concept" is just something we perhaps use to put the little people in our lives to sleep. For us, the Christmas season can only bring magic in the form of a Christmas bonus from the boss, a miracle cure discovered by science or a change of heart and a merrier attitude from a well-known Scrooge in the family. And yet we are happy because at Christmas we receive presents...and yet we'd happily sit down with one of our young nephews and help him assemble his lego toy car...and yet...we jump up and get excited at the sight of snow!!! Are we truly that mature?...Has the adult world managed to sink its realistic teeth and bite hard into all of us?

Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium!!! What a wonderful story to show your kids for Christmas!!!...and by this I am not talking to all of you out there that have kids, but to all the kids inside all of you! This movie has got an intelligent script embellished by witty, well-written lines and conversation with rich vocabulary- words brushed up from the dustiest shelves of the human lexicon. Magic words, beautiful smiles and a stubborn willingness to believe. It is not a fairy-tale journey through magic lands with tests of strength and courage is a journey though your inner self and the fight is even more frightening because the destination is self-confidence...the faith within one's self. Growing up, does not have to mean growing old. Mahoney finds her inner confidence and it is just the element she needs to make magic and bring a magical store back to life. Just as a book is worthless if not read, a toy store is worthless if not believed in. The magic can sometimes come from the wonder and the strength with which each kid believes in his toys. At that young age, people have already reached one important wisdom of their existence. They live each second with full intensity and take every element of their life seriously, believing in their own power to make things right. As time passes people become aware of other realities and loose sight of this magic.
If you ignore the film's shortcomings - its debut, it's crooked cuts etc... you still have a beautiful Xmas Eve film to watch from under the Xmas tree in order to kill that awful wait until next morning when you can finally open your present! Mr Magorium says that time shouldn't be wasted, he believes that even 37 seconds well spent is a lifetime!
As he leaves this planet, he tells his enthusiastic, timid follower to rise up to the occasion that is LIFE! For me all these beautiful, carefully crafted words were the magic of this Xmas, but I am sure you all could find something wondrous in his magical Store...if nothing else, but just the reminder to stay happy and that the treasure then!


Thursday, December 06, 2007

AZi ploua...

Ploua pe strada...ploua pe dinauntru...
si pe dinafara
NU e purificatoare
E grea...apasatoare
ma simt imbibata
ma simt plina

as vrea sa pot sa-i schimb dispozitia
sa fac din vreme rea ...vreme buna
daca as putea sa fac asta
As putea sa fac multe...

As vrea ca nimic sa nu se mai termine iarna.
Totul sa inceapa si sa sfarseasca vara
Sau doar sa inceapa...
sa avem doar gemeni, raci si fecioare
...poate si vreo 2-3 tauri
dar atat!

Atat mi-ai spus si a inceput sa ploua
De atunci, am luat-o cu mine de afara
si o pastrez pe fata
Ma curata, imi sapa santuri si apoi scurge
Viata se ea

As vrea sa fie acum vara
Acum aici
Si in sufletul tau



Monday, December 03, 2007

daca viata e de kkt....

...macar sa avem cu ce sa ne stergem!