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Hopefull pessimist...and I am sure the world has not seen enough of me...just as I have definitely not seen enough of it! ;)

Friday, May 30, 2008

prelude to the making

It was raining. Hard. Dark...bitter...drops of solitude... The house looked empty...she did her best to decorate in lively, warm colors, but they all seemed grey and sterile now. She always dreamed of the day when she could crawl up on one of those comfortable lounge chairs with a good book and pass the rain away, deeply captured by the well-written, beautifully crafted words.
But she didn't have the chair...she never found the right book...and the rain was overwhelming.

If he was here...the colors would be different....

If he was here...the rain would probably fall from the ground upwards...
If he was here...
The IF put it all into a different perspective...If he was there...they would probably fight because of her lousy mood, because she had probably planned to go out and the rain was keeping her in and keeping her cranky. The fact that he was not there, made his absence bitter and his presence sweet.. . If confronted with the alternate reality, she might have thought about the situation differently.
Never before was there such a large room for waiting in her heart. before him, all the compartments of her heart were carefully divided and planned out - she had one room for toys and childhood memories, one room for family, one room for playing games - that she rarely opened, one room for music - that was a in fact a large amphitheater with lovely acoustics, there was a little closet for books and a large hallway for her job.
But along came he...He had no room in her heart least none that she had planned out. Her house was quite complete before he came. The nerve of this guy simply move in and make room for himself in every other room she had!!! He brought along a small suitcase, but left his clothes and belongings lying around everywhere (you know as guys do...waiting for their girlfriends to pick up after them).
...Soon she became infatuated with his smell, bewildered by his presence, fascinated by the trail of cigarette smoke he left behind. Make no mistake: this was not planned! And she was a pretty organized person! She never intended to open the door to her heart for him this way...but he sneaked in when it was left ajar and refused to leave ever since. And I the end...she didn't put up much struggle to fight this invasion...her heart was getting to look like a giant, empty mansion and she was sick of the noise the wind made when it passed through the doors and corridors. But from a wind-breaker to a constant-heart-shepard...there was a quite stretch.

She wallowed in self pity some more staring at the drops of rain hit the window, then she pulled the curtains down. She wanted to watch some Tv but she knew there was nothing on. Time was endless...she didn't know what to do with it. Finally she fell asleep holding a book she had just read two sentences from.

Another eternity later, a voice woke her up. It was him, standing in the doorway, holding a large paper bag, soaked and dripping water all over the front door carpet. ..."Honey...the supermarket was I had to get as far as the gas station to buy all that stuff!".
She smiled and went to take the bag away from she reached closer to him she gave him a strong, long hug as if the world ended tomorrow and this would be her last human contact. Then she smirked and headed for the kitchen saying...

"Take your shoes and coat off, you're messing up the floor!"

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Esta Cu chi cu ci


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Never unplug!

poeata din mine a inteles mesajul acestui superb print dar vrea sa extrapolezE (dupa bunul obicei)
...Dirt and precious stuff...all part of's important to stay connected...NEVER UNPLUG!

to my tzutz (pe care nu mai vreau sa-l calc in picioare) ;)

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Monday, May 26, 2008

lil street of humours

Ieri am fost al plimbare...inarmata cu aparatul foto :D...Aveam niste material restant de fotografiat demult...dar am mai dat si peste noi "minuni". Pe parcursul a nici 100 de metri, iata cum te poti distra in imagini pe strazile Bucurestiului:

O agentie mare angajament!!!

Solutia Kiwi Finance pentru problemele tale cu hemoroizii (great product/logo placement)!

Si daca tot ai plecat sa cumperi ce sa nu te intorci cu o rochie, doua, un sal...or smthing for the mrs ;)

 un BONUS...pentru cei care doresc sa locuiasca pe "Strada cu minuni"...biroul de informatii/ sta la dispozitie :D

PS. restul de poze facute ieri...poate mai putin palpitante (dar mai estetice)...le gasiti pe flickr

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Un zambet nu vine niciodata singur

Acum ceva vreme am participat la un eveniment de strangere de fonduri pentru aceasta cauza.

A fost frumos dar nu indeajuns. Sa incercam mai departe sa facem cauza lor cunoscuta si sa facem ceva si pentru sufletul nostru ajutandu-i :D. Watch and weep!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the 4th from the trilogy

..with a somewhat gayer approach ;)

Client: Orange
Title: Rob Lowe
Agency: Mother, London
Production Company: Hungry Man, New York/LA
Director: Bryan Buckley

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Friday, May 16, 2008

sa aprindem fitilul la grand prix Effie

Si daca tot mi-am pus niste lume in cap pentru ce am spus despre CEC, ma gandesc sa repet experienta cu o buba pe care o am mai deeeemult, de cand am vazut prima oara spotul la Click Net - The ride.
Si daca tot au luat cireasa de pe tort la Effie cu acest spot...m-am gandit ca e un moment prielnic sa-mi manifest nedumerirea sau poate chiar socul in legatura cu "what we're about to see"...poate o pura intamplare...poate nu...oricum remarcabila coincidenta ;)...mai ales in contextul in care si noului spot la ClickNet- Ploaia i s-au imputat ceva asemanari cu spoturi mai vechi sau mai noi (vezi Bravia, Heidi etc). Toate's vechi si noi is publicitate...I guess ;)

Si tot in legatura cu acest spot la Click Net (frumusel si captivant de altfel, cu muzica super misto...then again...acelasi lucru se poate spune si despre cel de la BBC) inteleg de ce daca avem ideea de viteza, baiatul sufla praful de pe tastaura la final? Praful de obicei se depune in timp...sau viteaza Click Net nu se raporteaza la timp?!

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La Effie 2008... dau peste niste categorii de premii interesante.
Finalist unic la categoria generic numita "Others" este nimeni alta decat Bridge Communication... de altfel si cea care a ridicat unicul premiu pe aceasta distinsa categorie...dupa cum urmeaza:

Campania: Be Interactive
Brand: Interact
Inscrisa de Bridge Communication

Silver Effie:
Campania: Be Interactive
Brand: Interact
Inscrisa de Bridge Communication

Daca n-as fi avut onoarea sa lucrez pe aceasta premiata campanie (chiar daca doar la nivel de idei pentru executie- dar vad ca asta nu se pune cand e vorba de "credits"), n-as avea cum sa stiu ca Be interactive se putea incadra in alta categorie, cu denumire specifica si anume:

Campania: Respectful employee, respectful bank
Brand: UniCredit Tiriac Bank
Inscrisa de Headvertising

Campania: Successful stories
Brand: Rompetrol
Inscrisa de Odyssey Communication

Campania: Respect For The Future
Brand: Petrom
Inscrisa de Ogilvy Group

Nu stiu daca s-ar fi incadrat neaparat la categoria asta, dar mi se pare destul de aiurea ca nu i s-a gasit categorie decat singura - tinta sigura si avizata pentru premiu ;) Presupunand ca e vorba de lucrari precum asta, asta sau asta ....

Iata si un update...vai vai... ce bine merge o mica caruta daca e trasa cu mi ide cai!!!

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

is it the things we do for chocolate

...or the things chocolate does to us?

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Nu am de gand sa-mi transform blogul intr-o sursa de barfe despre celebritati...dar ma fascineaza familia toate cunostintele ei (da, chitaristul The Edge de la U2 face cu drag pe babysitteru' Brangelinilor!), cu multiculturalitatea ei, simplitatea ei si lipsa de prejudecati. Mai jos am inclus o poza a copilului presupus perfect...mai are 2 pe teava...din aceeasi samanta. Si daca familia o sa ajunga sa numere 10 membri...tot respectul...tot inainte!!! Daca ii tine si ei tin la ce nu?


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a copywriter's worst nightmare

...but a really good idea. Check it out!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

sa reciclam din clasici

O melodie mai veche dar aproape inima mea

Angun - Snow on the Sahara

Si una noua, dupa una veche (a lui the Eagles) colona sonora de la Sex and the city - The Movie (imi pare rau ca nu am gasit un clip cu imagini mai semnificative in acest sens)

Indie Arie- The heart of the matter


Monday, May 12, 2008

luni...zi anti-blocaje

si pentru ca sper intr-o luni fara blocaje si sper intr-o solutie (nu neap. nazala) dar ca sa-mi desfunde niste probleme ca ma macina pe mine acu... iata ce ma distra pe mine sper ca si pe voi...;)


Friday, May 09, 2008

make my mornin'!

Diminetile mele sunt statice, repetitive... banale. Dus, spalat pe dinti, mancat, plecat in fuga dupa ce Adi ma boscorodeste ca iar intarzie o ora la serviciu din cauza mea...apoi goana pana la metrou...metroul urc in el...cobor repede la prima. Singurul moment in care ma trezesc cu adevarat din aceasta inertie stupida este cand trec de barele acelea de la iesire din metrou...Se produce un declick...zgomotul acela surd, metalic si trezeste la realitatea unei noi zi de munca.
Dimineata e inceputul...dimineata e un moment de sarbatoare...oare de ce atunci...devine cel mai monoton moment al zilei? De ce nu ne tratam diminetile cum se respect pentru momente din viata al caror debut il reprezinta? Deseori, presati de orele la care trebuie sa ajungem la serviciu, de condici, de meetinguri de cine mai stie ce grji...ignoram diminetile complet...uitam sa mancam ne bucuram de cafea si de rasaritul soarelui, de prospetimea aerului si de freamatul acela optimist pe care il are un oras atat de trist intr-un singur moment al zilei...dimineata. Te gandesti ca poate reusim sa ne bucuram de ele macar in week-end?...De unde! Din cate stiu eu...majoritatea celor de varsta noastra "le doarme" pana la ore tarzii zilei...deci, in weekend dimineata, e desfiintata complet.

Azi am avut aventuri cu gust de aloe vera...iar am facut studii de piata personale in uite asa...incerc sa-mi colorez totusi timpul in care parcurg distanta dintre casa si serviciu. Merita si drumul ala un cantec frumos, o clipa de bucurie si de energie care sa incarce restul de zi...
Acum ploua si bate vantul si tastez cu degete inghetate...bucurandu-ma totusi ca am celebrat in felul meu acest moment al zilei ca pe unul de inceput al lumii. Nu stiu daca cine se scoala de dimineata ajunge departe, dar cine se bucura de mod sigur va avea o zi mai buna, ajungand departe cu gandul si buna dispozitia.


Thursday, May 08, 2008

and in oder to keep the happy note....

....aflati ca laughing is good for amuzati-va si voi
... invatati sa vedeti mereu partea plina a paharului ... de lapte

....sau faceti o fapta buna, ajutati Planeta si salvati-mi specia aflata in suferinte de origini ne-cunoscute

Either way...SNAP OUT OF IT! Get happy man!!!

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

sunny side of everything

Today was sunny! Da! care ma plang tot avut o zi buna!!! Cel putin pana acum...acum ca a mai iesit si soarele...ce mai...e rost sa-mi nu mai consider primavara asta o toamna tarzie...pentru ca la mine toamna asta va fi vremea inceputurilor :)
Ma rog... long story short...m-am simti bine...secundele au fost egale...minutele s-au comportat normal...ziua de lucru nu a fost nici prea lunga..nici prea scurta..totul la timpul lui cum s-ar spune. Acuma ma duc sa mananc intr-un copac si sa caut esente de viata de agatat la gat. Ma simt simt balerina..simt ca azi pot sa-mi permit licente publicitare: sa-mi aleg o imagine care sa aiba tupeul sa spuna chiar ceea ce arata...Asa ca...

o jerbera superba indoita in balet doresc si dumneavoastra. Sariti dupa ziua va inflori!


re-branding dubios

Si iata ca CEC-ul nostru cel de toate zilele are o noua fata, asemanatoare oarecum cu "fata" acelor maestrii ai brandingului care au creat-o. Si cand spun asta ma refer la logo-uri si la faptul ca am observat ghinda ca simbol over-folosit in materialele noului CEC Bank. fie doar o coincidenta??? Nu se poate spune...Cert este ca eu sunt dezamagita de spotul lung si plictisitor in stil macho, family guy, "rocky come-back" pe care agentia l-a creat pentru acest client. Desi ador Cava d'Oro (de la aceeasi agentie), spotul de la CEC Bank ma depaseste si ma exclude pur si simplu din targetul promovarii lor. Repet.... e o parere pur personala...dar acest spot n-a trimis-o nici pe mama rapid la CEC si sunt convinsa ca nici pe multe alte femei. Cat despre fiabilitatea si siguranta pe care o prezinta aceasta instituatie, am o parare pe care se pare ca mi-o impartaseste si calculatorul...caci iata ce mi-a afisat browserul de net astazi cand am incercat sa accesez site-ul CEC Bank.

Daca nici calculatorul nu poti sa-l lasi 5 min pe mana lor, cum o sa-ti lasi banii?! ;)

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