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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

where the West is heading..I don't want to follow

We all know society has flaws...we all know we're not perfect and that perfection is impossible to reach...So then why do we set it as our goal, as an objective? We see ideas written such as "celebrating diversity" or "beautiful by imperfections", but somehow it will feel like bullshit sooner or later. Let's face it..we cultivate perfection! We are heading towards globalisation of values, belifs, cultures, economies...when it's all probably just another form of communism...because we tend to strive for perfection. People that are succesful...have it all...are very close to that image society is happy with.Those who still celebrate and enjoy their diversity will soon be eliminated because they are not like the rest.
I recently visited a very old, rusty factory that produces toilet cleaners. I didn't much like what I saw there, but at least I learned that Romania still looks for cleaning efficiency in a toilet-cleaning solutin, whereas the tendancy in the West is for the toilet to smell good, regardless of how clean it really is. I knew Romania was in deep shit in so many regards but at least we still look for actual, rational value in our products not just aspirational values, make-belive brand houcus-pocus!
Beauty ...that's skin deep, smell that's just a perception, intelligence that's measured in numbers, curves that you "implant" or adjust to look and feel good...all artificial, nice things, but no where near essential. Is this evolution? Is this what we are to become? Perfectionable robots with a common aim?
Blogs are even a form of breaking out, showing a truer, more human side of every individual or company that strives for succes and perfection. And thanks to my blog I found this out. It goes to all the girls out there that ever thought their waist was too wide, their eyes not blue enough, their hair not shiny enough, their clothes not hip might say I'm the only frusted one on this planet, but this commercial shows I am not...and you know I'm not too ;)



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