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Thursday, July 26, 2007

to shut up or speak up... that the question?
I often ask myself what are the value of words? Words...once they are spoken they could have no impact or make all the difference in the world...why?
Why when you tell someone you love them a 100th time you seem like a broken record and when you tell them you've cheated on shakes their whole world and breaks it to pieces. Why do the true, honest words we say to each other...value so little and yet the bad ones can move us so much?
Sometimes when you say something bad to someone, when you give them a certain news or reveal a certain fact that they were not aware has such an echo...They could be words that he may never be able to get out of his head...and yet...when you tell them something beautiful..or just as reveling, but in a positive simply rushes by their ears in a hurry!
Just as a an extra thought..what happens to the words we NEVER say...the pauses..the things that remain unspoken...the long , perhaps embarrassing silences and the silences you just can't work up your courage to brake. Some people are too afraid to speak up, defend themselves, their ideas...some are just bored and jaded and they don't think their words will make any difference.
Some are just ...on a first date!
Words on a first date...I always just dread the silences's like I keep talking and talking to avoid such a gap because when it comes it just seems like you never get out of it. Silence to me is a burden..there are so many words cramped up in that silence..there are so many meanings you can give it...that I just get frustrated when the words stop coming out of people's mouths.
Better to speak than to shut up...that's my motto far... it has also gotten me in a lot of trouble! ;)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Un om intelept a zis odata :" Never miss an opportunity to shut up." A vorbi nu e intotdeauna cursul cel mai bun.

Aug 27, 2007, 7:16:00 AM  

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