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Hopefull pessimist...and I am sure the world has not seen enough of me...just as I have definitely not seen enough of it! ;)

Friday, January 23, 2009 honor of T getting his licence honor of you getting your licence...I decided it's not a small world...after all ;)! Distance can sometimes be relative...For example...there's more distance between me and the people below, on the lower floors, then there will ever be between me and a certain English teacher in NYC. But today is about you...not me...Sure I would like to accompany you to the end of the a place where blueberries ripe all year and every blueberry stain is an honor. To a place where desserts are no longer fattening and cannot damage your stomach. To a place where the more desserts you eat...the more refined you become. For our first trip I would like to show you how the moon looks from from the side of the lonely cheese slice on the plate of the scientist that took a vacation from saving the world...and trust me...I have a feeling it looks GRREEEAAT! Then we could float...On clouds you say? No, I think we can do about on a soft Copenhagen bed and eat HagenDaas till the day is over. When the sun is down, we'll go swimming in crystals and dive into our fears headfirst. WE'll be reborn in a city where people are kind and the sun always shines...where it's warm...but you can have snow anytime you want if you open Pandora's box. I want to learn how to cook meatballs...and pie...and wait for you to come home from another travel among your own Unknowns. So...where do you want to go?



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oh yeaaahhh!!!

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